Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for domain names
All prices can be found on our homepage or sub pages for the relevant registration suffix.

Are there any hidden costs?
Nope. There are no hidden costs. The prices you see on these pages are the prices you pay , all reg fees are included for the period stated, and there is no charge for transferring the domain , or altering the nameservers.

Can I transfer the name away from Webnameshop?
Yes, for free – it’s your domain name so you control it: It’s FREE!
Just log on to the control panel and change the field named TAG. CAUTION: only do this is you have a new provider, and you know their TAG. NOTE: We will not charge you to transfer your domain name.

What happens when a domain name requires renewal?
When a domain name nears it’s expiry date we will email you reminders to the email address(es) that you used to signup These reminders will ensure you have plenty of time to renew the domain name should you wish. There are no further charges for maintaining your domain(s) other than our standard domain name registration costs

To renew an expiring, or expired domain name, simply arrange payment of the invoice provided before the expiry date.

Who will bill me after the initial registration period?

If you bought the name through us, and if we still host the domain name when it comes time to renew, then we will email you an invoice for the domain name. Of course we can’t guarantee what that fee will be in one to two years time, but we certainly don’t expect it to be any more than the current charge.

Bear in mind if you are not happy with our prices you can move the domain for FREE , at any time. If you have moved the domain name away from us, your new ISP will deal with the renewal.

Why can’t I just contact the official Naming Agency Direct?
You can. The cost for individuals registering a .uk name is normally £80 per 2 years.

Also remember you will need at least two computers permanently connected to the internet, configured as name servers. Most people find that even if they have the expertise and resources, the cost of setting this up usually far exceeds the relatively low cost of our doing it for you, as it’s all included in our price!

Where can I find Nominet’s Terms & Conditions for domain names.

Nominet Terms & Conditions of Domains