Ransomware Help

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a sophisticated virus / targeted attack, usually sent by an innocent looking attachment or invoice in your email.

When you open the attachment in your email the the virus begins its work of contacting an outside server, fully compromising your computer and possibly whole network of other computers and devices in your premises.

Once deployed the Ransomware begins encrypting your files by a very powerful encryption algorithm, which by current computing standards  would take many years to decrypt. The only way you can recover your files is to pay the ransom and hope that the cyber criminal is playing the bad/good guy and sends the signal to unlock your files, which is highly unlikely!

Why we say this is for a manner of reasons, the way the cyber criminals require payment is by a digital currency called bitcoins, now the way bitcoins work is also time based. So you have a countdown timer on your screen with time remaining to pay the ransom, you first will have to buy some bitcoins from a online vendor, they will then have to send you the bitcoins, this takes time due to the way bitcoins work, they do not appear in your digital wallet for at least a certain amount of mined blocks on the bitcoin network which can take anything from 30 minutes to some days depending on the transaction fee paid.

Now once you are in a position with the bitcoins to send them to the ransomer, he will also have to wait x amount of time to see your payment, he will also have to check you are in fact the person who has paid it, if he has multiple instances of ransoms going on its likely he is going to be more focused on counting his money and moving it about into new bitcoin wallets then unlocking your files.

So we would suggest you do not pay the ransom until at least you speak to us! we can then access the likelihood of if you will possibly get your files back.

From just £19.99 we can either talk you through how to protect yourself from Ransomware  or setup a more detailed meeting at your premises or ours, or even setup a remote connection to you computer and network to begin investigation into your current network security setup.


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